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Family Meeting

The family meeting helps you and your caregiver(s) better understand the level of care you will need next and allows you to take an active role in discharge planning. This meeting is an opportunity for you and your caregiver(s) to ask questions and share concerns. It also gives each your personal team of clinicians the chance to gather the information needed to develop a more customized discharge plan.

Some of the questions that often come up are:

  • When will I be ready to leave the hospital?
  • Will I be able to go home from St. Charles?
  • What type of help will my family need to provide for me in order to be able to go home?
  • What type of modifications to the home will need to be completed before I can go home?
  • What kind of equipment will be important in the plan to go home?
  • Will I continue to receive rehabilitation services once leaving St. Charles?
  • What are some of the safety precautions that we will need to be aware of when I go home?
  • Will my family need to undergo training for medical care and mobility assistance to help care for me upon returning home?
  • If I am unable to go home, what will we have to plan for next?

A social worker leads the family meeting and all types of caregivers are invited to participate, regardless of how they are related to the patient. Select team members from the patients’ personal team of clinicians also participate.

Family meetings are scheduled as indicated during your stay at St. Charles. 


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