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How to Voice a Compliment, Concern or Complaint

Communicating With Our Staff

Good communication between patients, caregivers, referring providers and staff is an essential component of a successful rehabilitation program. Therefore, it is important that you feel confident and comfortable in your ability to SPEAK UP, ask questions and express your concerns.

Questions or concerns regarding the goals, direction and progress of your therapy program should be directed to your treating physician who will serve as your Coordinator of Care. Our physicians are ready to answer questions about your progress and about the treatments that you are receiving.

Throughout your stay with us, your physician will maintain contact with your referring and primary care physicians and will provide them with copies of your final summary at discharge.


At St. Charles, we value your feedback and would like you to share your positive experiences with us.

You can do this by contacting hospital administration by mail or e-mail. Letters can be mailed to: St. Charles Hospital, 200 Belle Terre Road, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, Attention Jennifer Gray, DO, Medical Director of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Emails can be sent to:

In addition, you may also receive a satisfaction survey in the mail from a company called Press Ganey. We would appreciate it if you or a family member could take the time to complete the survey and provide any feedback you may have for our rehabilitation program.

Handling Complaints

There may be times when you or a family member might want to speak with a Manager for additional assistance with resolving an issue.

  • Our Therapy Director is Michael Scicchitano and he can be reached at (631) 474-6696. You can leave a message at this number and your message will be returned within one business day
  • Our Nursing Manager is Laura Hamilton and she can be reached at (631) 474-6429. You can leave a message at this number and your message will be returned within one business day.
  • For medical concerns, please speak with your rehabilitation physician who can be reached at (631) 474-6879. If you continue to have concerns you may reach the Medical Director, Dr. Jennifer Semel, at that same number.

If you are not comfortable meeting with anyone in person to discuss your concerns you can call the St Charles Patient Relations Department at (631) 474-6435. There will be a person available to listen to your concerns over the telephone.

It is our hope that all problems and concerns brought to our attention will be resolved to your satisfaction.

However, if for any reason, the Hospital is not able to address all your concerns you may:

  • Call the NYS Department of Health at 1-800-804-5447 or file a written complaint to: NYS Department of Health Centralized Hospital Intake Program 433 River Street 6th Floor Troy, NY 12180
  • Contact the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals Office of Quality Monitoring 1-800-994-6610 or email to: