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Orthopedic Rehabilitation

St. Charles is a center of excellence for both orthopedics and rehabilitation and brings this dual expertise to the care of Long Island residents in need acute rehabilitation following a hip fracture, complex orthopedic surgery, or other musculoskeletal conditions.

The Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program at St. Charles operates with one aim in mind; to help patient get moving again, as quickly and safely as possible. Data shows that 98% of our patients felt that the St. Charles Inpatient Rehabilitation program prepared them to return home. More about our outcomes. 

To accomplish the best rehabilitation outcomes for our patients, we take an intensive, coordinated approach, offering occupational and physical therapy for more than three hours per day, five days a week. Rehabilitative care delivered at this level of intensity is known as acute rehabilitation and research shows that acute rehabilitation offers improved patients outcomes when compared to subacute care.

Adults treated in the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program have been diagnosed with a wide variety of muscloskeletal conditions, including: 

  • Hip Fracture
  • Hip Replacement
  • Knee Replacement
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Joint Surgery
  • Muscle or Bone Trauma
  • Bone Disease or Condition

Children with orthopedic injuries and conditions are treated in the Pediatric Rehabilitation Program.

Adults with multiple orthopedic injuries or conditions are treated in the Multitrauma Rehabilitation Program.

Features of the Orthopedic Rehabilitation Program at St. Charles include:

  • Intensive Therapy: Core therapies (physical therapy and occupational therapy) provided three or more hours per day, five days a week. Known as acute rehabilitation, research has shown that rehabilitative care delivered at this level of intensity offers improved patients outcomes when compared to subacute care.
  • Direct Care by Board-Certified Physicians and Certified Rehabilitation Nurses: St. Charles has 8 physicians on staff. They are all board-certified physiatrists, doctors specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and as such, are muscle and bone experts. In addition, St. Charles nurses are certified rehabilitation registered nurses (CRRNs). Together, our doctors and nurses provide 24-hour care to our patients.
  • An Immersive, Real-Life Environment: The first rehabilitation module of its kind on Long Island, Downtown St. Charles enables patients to practice real-world adaptive skills while they are still in the hospital.
  • A Customized, Team-based Treatment Approach: Each patient is supported in their rehabilitation by their own personal team of clinicians. The team works collaboratively to keep patients motivated as they work intensively to regain their ability to move or walk.
  • Research-based Complimentary Treatments: St. Charles also offers research-based complimentary treatments not widely available elsewhere, such as acupuncture for management of symptoms. These treatments are offered in conjunction with, rather than in place of, mainstream medicine.
  • Recreational Therapy, Music Therapy, Pet Therapy, Tai Chi and more.
  • Education and Support for Patients, Families and Caregivers:

Continue Your Rehabilitation With St. Charles After Discharge

Patients discharged from our acute rehabilitation hospital programs can continue their rehabilitation through any of our Outpatient Rehabilitation Network locations across Long Island.

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St. Charles Maintains Highest Rehabilitation Accreditation; Adds Brain Injury Specialty

St. Charles has achieved its third consecutive three-year accreditation in Rehabilitation and added specialty accreditation in Brain Injury Rehabilitation from CARF International, the global leader in rehabilitation accreditation.

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