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Parkinson's Disease Rehabilitation Program

The Parkinson’s disease Rehabilitation Program at St. Charles offers integrated PT, OT and speech therapy for adults living with this progressive movement disorder.

Because there is no known cure for Parkinson’s disease, early intervention is critical and the rehabilitation experts at St. Charles aim to make the most of each patients’ abilities at any given point in time.

Therapists teach PT, OT and speech techniques designed to help those diagnosed with Parkinson’s overcome physical and verbal challenges that may interfere with their ability to complete everyday tasks, like holding a conversation, walking, dressing, cooking, using the phone and more.

At our Port Jefferson location, techniques used include BIG and LOUD, principles of LSVT, an evidence-based therapeutic approach. St. Charles patients following BIG techniques perform specific exercises with exaggerated movement patterns, which then can be applied to daily activities, such as reaching for objects, ascending stairs, or opening doors.  Patients using the principles of LOUD increase the volume of their speech to help improve their breathing, voice box, and articulation, all of which are essential for making their speech easily understood by others.

PT, OT and speech therapy for those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is an integral part of the comprehensive care available through St. Charles Hospital’s Parkinson’s disease and Movement Disorders Program, which offers complete diagnostic services for those with unexplained symptoms and comprehensive treatment for many types of movement disorders.

Parkinson’s disease Rehabilitation is offered at the following Outpatient Rehabilitation Network locations:


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