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When North Carolina resident Judith Toney came to Long Island to visit with college roommates, she unexpectedly suffered a stroke.

“I knew God’s hand was on me and He landed me exactly in the right place,” said Judith, who came to St. Charles for acute rehabilitation once her medical treatment was complete.

When she arrived, Judith could not walk and her left hand was bent inward, making it difficult to hold a pen or a fork. But Judith felt motivated and challenged by the specialists at St. Charles.

She explained saying, “One day, my therapist said, 'I am going to give you a task, but nobody can do this task. You can’t stand on your good leg for 10 seconds.’ But, I did do it! The therapists inspired me.”

Judith also learned to walk forwards, backwards and to the side. In Downtown St. Charles, a unique rehabilitation module, Judith practiced stepping off a curb, getting in a car and out of a car, taking groceries in and out of the cabinet and more.

“My therapists gave me the tools and implements to go home and make my recovery complete,” said Judith. “They are incredible, just incredible.”