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Prehab for Joint Replacement

The Prehab program at St. Charles helps patients understand what to expect after a joint replacement surgery and educates them on what they should know and do in the days, or weeks, before outpatient rehabilitation visits begin. 

The program is offered exclusively to patients registered for joint replacement surgery at St. Charles Hospital, or any other hospital within Catholic Health Services. Participants are given a one-on-one visit with a licensed St. Charles physical therapist prior to the joint replacement surgery. 

During the visit, the physical therapist provides:

  • A thorough evaluation in order to determine baseline range of motion and strength prior to surgery
  • A subjective assessment of the home environment to promote safety and tailor  training and education to best suit each person's needs
  • Education on various weight bearing possibilities post-surgery, as well as any post-surgical precautions
  • Gait training utilizing appropriate assistive devices on both level surfaces and stairs
  • Instruction in a comprehensive home exercise program in an effort to familiarize individuals with typical post-surgical exercises

The Prehab program is available at the following Outpatient Rehabilitation Network Locations:


Begin your road to recovery with the experts at St. Charles Rehabilitation.