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Specialty Programs and Conditions

Outpatient specialty programs at St. Charles treat specific conditions and feature therapists with advanced training or certification.

In addition, speciality programs at St. Charles often integrate more than one type of clinical service into a plan of care in order to meet the multiple challenges faced by adults and children living with more complex diseases or conditions.

At once both comprehensive and specialized, this multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation aims to improve our patients' overall quality of life and prevent injury.

Examples of how St. Charles employs this approach in our outpatient rehabilitation specialty programs include:

  • Parkinson's Program: St. Charles occupational therapists and speech therapists apply principles of the 'BIG and LOUD," an research-proven technique designed to help individuals living with this progressive disease improve their speech and movement patterns, both of which are essential for successful communication.
  • ThinkSMART!TM Concussion Management Program:  St. Charles physical and vestibular therapists team up with neuropsychologists to ensure that student athletes are both physically and cognitively prepared to return to physical activity without risk of further injury.
  • Lymphedema Program: The certified lymphatic therapists at St. Charles offer Complete Decongestive Therapy, a two-part technique shown to safely and effectively lower the many risk factors associated with this condition. Our certified lymphatic therapists work closely with our physicians to ensure that St. Charles patients receive a high level of care tailored to their specific needs.

St. Charles Rehabilitation offers more than 12 different outpatient specialty programs.

Learn more about each by selecting a program from the menu.