Sports Therapy

St. Charles Rehabilitation offers sports specialty services to address the unique needs of athletes at all levels of participation, including youth, high school, collegiate and professional. We understand the demands athletes face and tailor their rehabilitation treatment to their specific sport, position and level of participation.

Athletes are among the most focused and driven patients at St. Charles Rehabilitation and so we dedicate ourselves to excellence in sports therapy treatment and recovery.

Our team safely returns thousands of Long Island athletes back to sports each year--and helps them stay there.

Sports Therapy for Injuries

St. Charles occupational and physical therapists employ the most advanced treatment techniques and our facilities are outfitted with some of the same equipment found in the training rooms of collegiate and professional sports teams.

Specialty equipment includes:

  • Ice baths
  • MarkPro Electrical Stimulation Devices
  • NormaTech Pulse Recovery System
  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Concussion Treatment

St. Charles is one of Long Island’s foremost authorities in the management of a concussion, a traumatic brain injury common in contact sports, and ThinkSMART!, St. Charles Hospital's Concussion Management Program features are an entire team of professionals to ensure every athlete is fully recovered, both physically and neurologically, before returning to sports.

St. Charles Rehabilitation's sports therapists are an integral part of this team and help ensure a safe return to play for athletes with concussion. Sports therapists include:

Sports Physical Therapists: Sports PTs at St. Charles guide athletes through a series of drills which test performance during light physical activity, sport-specific activities, non-contact training exercises and more.

Vestibular Therapists: For athletes whose concussion has left them with inner ear damage, St. Charles vestibular therapists are specially trained to help relieve resulting dizziness and equipped with advanced technology to assess the complex sensory activity involved in the act of balancing. More about Vestibular Therapy.

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Sports therapy is just one part of St. Charles Sports Medicine's comprehensive approach. Select a feature of our program to learn more

Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation is offered at the following St. Charles outpatient location on Long Island: