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Stroke Specialty Program

To make the best choice when selecting a rehabilitation hospital after a stroke, patients and caregivers should make an informed decision. The outcomes information reported here is intended to help with this decision. The data describes our stroke population and shows how others have succeeded in our acute rehabilitation program, which is accredited as a Stroke Specialty Program by CARF, the global leader in rehabilitation accreditation. 

2017 Data

  • The average age for stroke patients at St. Charles was 69.4
  • The average stay was 16 days for our patients recovering from a stroke.
  • 91% of our patients are living at home within 3 months of completing the stroke rehabilitation program at St. Charles
  • 100% of patients felt that the stroke pehabilitation program at St. Charles prepared them to return home.
  • 94.9 % of patients discharged from St. Charles report that the our rehabilitation program improved their quality of life.