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Team of Clinicians

At St. Charles, each patient receiving acute rehabilitation in our hospital programs has his/her own team of clinicians dedicated to delivering the best rehabilitation care available.

As a St. Charles Rehabilitation patient, you can be assured that your team is led by a physiatrist, a doctor specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. And because your needs are as unique as you are, the rest of your team is comprised of clinicians with the exact expertise that can most benefit you.

For example, patients rehabilitating at St. Charles following a hip fracture may have a team which includes a physical therapist and occupational therapist, while patients at St. Charles for stroke rehabilitation may require the additional skills of a speech therapist.

Team members will collaborate to keep you motivated as you develop your ability to think, move, walk, eat, communicate and care for yourself. They will also coordinate with you during the family meeting.

Team members can include:

Rehabilitation Doctor – Your Coordinator of Care

Your doctor is a physiatrist specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  Your doctor is the coordinator of your care and directs all aspects of your treatment while you are in the rehabilitation program.  A resident doctor will work with your rehab doctor to manage your care. 

Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN)

Nurses provide 24-hour monitoring of your condition and help to manage your rehabilitative care with input from all team members. The nurse and the nursing assistant will carry out your plan of care and help you practice what you are learning in therapy.  Your nurses will help you prepare for discharge by teaching you and your family / caregiver how to manage your care, such as taking care of your skin, manage your bowel and bladder needs, and teaching you how to manage your medications and related health issues.

Social Worker

Your social worker will assist you and your family with the discharge planning process by providing assistance with financial and community resources and any follow-up services needed after discharge. The social worker will review results of team conference with you and your family and arrange family meetings as needed. Social Workers act as a liaison with insurance companies to ensure a smooth transition to after-hospital care.

Physical Therapist

Your physical therapist (PT) will evaluate your physical status and functional ability upon admission and will help to develop your goals.  PT will focus on transfers, walking and stair negotiation and will educate you and your family on the proper techniques and precautions for safe mobility.  Your physical therapist will order any equipment that you may need for a safe discharge home.

Occupational Therapist

Your occupational therapist (OT) will focus on activities of daily living (ADLs).  Through showing you how to use your muscle strength and teaching you efficient ways to perform ADLs such as dressing, bathing, eating, personal hygiene, and other activities, you will achieve a maximum level of function.  Your OT will also recommend home modifications and order adaptive equipment that you may need for a safe discharge home.

Speech Therapist

A speech therapist specializes in evaluating and treating difficulties in talking or understanding and swallowing problems that may be present following an illness or injury. Your speech therapist tailors a plan of care for your individual needs and provides you and your family with education and resources to help with continued rehabilitative care and recovery.


Your psychologist will help educate you and your family in ways to cope with your illness or injury and provide emotional support/counseling during your rehabilitation program.  Your psychologist can administer tests as appropriate to assess thinking skills such as memory and intellect, behavior, and emotional adjustment.

Registered Dietitian

Your registered dietitian will monitor your nutritional status and formulate an individualized meal plan to ensure that your nutritional needs are met. They also monitor your medications for any possible drug-nutrient interactions. In addition, the dietitian educates you and your family on choosing a meal plan that promotes a healthy lifestyle after discharge from the rehabilitation program.

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Your therapeutic recreation specialists plan activities and events that help build stamina and strength. The recreation therapist provides you with the opportunity to socialize with other people and written information on adaptive sports and leisure activities. Recreation therapy also provides you with the opportunity to develop and use intellectual abilities, learn new skills, and/or modify skills developed prior to your injury.

Music Therapist

As a member of St. Charles Hospital’s interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, the music therapist employs research-based techniques involving rhythm and music to help you meet your rehabilitative goals.

Treatment is customized according to each patients’ needs and can include movement exercises facilitated by rhythm, singing to improve breath support or oral motor control, instrument playing to increase manual coordination, listening to selected music to reduce stress, learning songs embedded with information as a memory aid, and much more.

Music is a pleasurable and motivating stimulus and can help make the rehabilitation program a more positive experience. Patients do not need to have a background in music in order to participate in and benefit from music therapy.  Music therapy is led by St. Charles Hospital’s neurologic music therapist.


St. Charles Maintains Highest Rehabilitation Accreditation; Adds Brain Injury Specialty

St. Charles has achieved its third consecutive three-year accreditation in Rehabilitation and added specialty accreditation in Brain Injury Rehabilitation from CARF International, the global leader in rehabilitation accreditation.

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